Prepare for the Recovery

But the fresh snow gets me excited about my favorite winter pursuits, like teleskiing and ice climbing. Unfortunately, the snow also reminds me that it is budget season (not quite as fun as skiing), and it’s time to prepare for the new year.

Planning for 2010 will be more important than ever. Today we are shoveling ourselves out of a snow storm, and we are also still digging out of this nasty recession. When things recover, will you be ready? Will your top talent stick around or will they jump at the first opportunity that comes their way? Will your teams be prepared to do more with less as new market opportunities open up and organizations stay cost consious? Are your new leaders ready to take on new challenges?

The link below will take you to our simple 3-step training estimator kit. It’s f-r-e-e for you and it includes (1) a simple team assessment to help you understand more about your training needs, and (2) a budget estimator.

Today’s snow storm came unexpectedly. Don’t let the impact of a recovery come unexpectly too. Take the time today to prepare for tomorrow’s recovery. Before you know it, it will be spring.

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