Professionalism: Common Sense, but not Common Practice

Student Number 1: The Excuse Maker

The Excuse Maker was full of the excuses that you’d expect to hear from an irresponsible teenager. Not only did he take more breaks than anyone else (including my 9 year-old nephew), but the “buddy” he was supposed to bring didn’t show because he “wasn’t feeling well.”

Student Number 2: Johnny Come Lately

Do you remember the movie Johnny Dangerously? If so, you’ll recognize this quote during the prison scene escape, “I missed the bus, you missed the bus, we all missed the bus.”  As you can guess by this student’s name he literally missed the bus and was over 30 minutes late. Enough said when you are trying to move a household.

Student Number 3: The Rock Star

It’s not hard to stand out when you are working with The Excuse Maker and Johnny Come Lately, but this guy was good. He showed up on time, worked hard, took control of situations when he needed to, and was respectful. It’s not hard to believe that this kid is working full-time as an intern during the week and just picking up extra work on the weekends.

The People-first Bottom Line: Being professional isn’t that hard, and it always sets you apart from those who aren’t.

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