So, you want to be a hero at work? Read this.

President Obama awarded Jared C. Monti a posthumous award for repeatedly braving enemy fire to rescue a wounded comrade in the Afghan mountains. The article went on to say that Sgt. First Class Monti twice ran into the open to try to retrieve the wounded man, only to be forced back by rocket-propelled-grenades and machine-gun fire.

He was killed on his third attempt.

Ask any soldier why they would risk their life to save another and they will tell you it’s about commitment to each other.

The heroes of our world are not the rich and famous. Nor are they spotlight politicians. They aren’t overpaid athletes or members of the board.

The true heroes of our world are the people who are closest to us, who have a relationship to us, and have impacted our lives on a personal level. They are the ones who are committed.

You can’t create commitment through policies and procedures. You can’t create commitment through SOPs. Commitment comes from relationship.

If you want to be a hero to your team members or to the people you lead, learn to relate to them and prove through your actions that you are commited to their success.

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