Stuck in Aways Having to be Right

So, I thought I would jump back in with a concept I introduced in a webinar I conducted last week on The 4 Costliest Mistakes Senior Leadership Teams Make. It’s a concept I call “getting stuck in always having to be right.”

Actually, it’s not a concept. It is a communication breakdown that is common on teams who do not have a strong foundation of trust and with individuals who have a low sense of self-awareness and a huge focus on their own ego and agenda.

Getting struck in always having to be right is dangerous because ultimately it dampers creativity and innovation. It limits constructive conflict and debate, and it devalues others’ opinions. When teams shoot down ideas that don’t mesh with the norm, it is hard for them to make corrections to their current course of action.

Are your team members stuck in always having to be right?

If so, your team is on a slippery slope to nowhere.

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