The Deeply Human Workplace

The Deeply Human WorkplaceThe Deeply Human Workplace is Now an International Best Seller!

The Deeply Human Workplace

My new book is hitting the top of the Amazon leadership, management and organizational behavior categories in the US, Canada, Germany, and Australia!

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The Deeply Human Workplace is my follow-up book to Unite! The 4 Mindset Shifts for Senior Leaders and provides a path for leaders and their teams in today’s world, where the COVID pandemic has changed so many things in the workplace.

Our deeply human behaviors are the sparks that ignite innovation and creativity. They are keys to effective communication and collaboration. When leaders dismiss ‘the human touch’ as soft, they fail to connect the economic value and competitive advantage that simple humanity brings to organizations.

The Deeply Human Workplace explores the six Cs of ‘The Human Workplace Needs Model’. It provides leaders and teams with a roadmap for creating healthier, more aligned, and deeply human workplaces.

Here’s what Matt M. has to say about it:

“Books like this are what’s really driving the change in modern work culture. Shifting away from micro-management and focusing on what employees most need to feel connected and do their best work will help the performance of not only the members of the team, but the company as a whole!”

Adam M. had even more positive feedback:

The Deeply Human Workplace addresses such a timely and relevant topic. Sal lays out an actionable framework for both employees, and their employers, to follow towards that goal. Using simple to understand concepts, this book should serve as a roadmap for high performing teams focused on future growth.

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