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My New Book is Out: The Deeply Human Workplace

I am thrilled to let you know that my next book, The Deeply Human Workplace, is now available on Amazon.

An Innovative Resource For Leaders & For Teams…

I wrote this book with two audiences in mind:

  • For Leaders at all levels – so that they can move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach as they lead people.
  • For Teams – so that they may find a common language on what team members need from each other and how to adapt the environment to meet those very human needs.

In our work coaching and training tens of thousands of leaders globally, I noticed that there is an underlying pattern among most people at work.

Regardless of gender, demographics, or geography, I have observed that people have a common set of needs. If we can understand and tap into those needs, we can create a healthier, more aligned, trusting, committed, productive, and human workplace

And today, when the workplace – and the world – is in upheaval from the far-reaching effects of the pandemic, becoming deeply human in all our ways is key to not only better workplaces – but to living.

What Do Workers Need to Thrive in Their Jobs?

The Deeply Human Workplace explores six key needs that I believe all people have to thrive at work.

I call it the 6 Cs of Human Workplace Needs Model:

Connection. Certainty. Contribution. Clarity. Challenge. Community.

This model provides a roadmap toward creating a deeply human workplace, a workplace where everyone can ignite their potential. In a time when people’s perspectives and priorities have changed and organizations are dealing with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and attrition, I believe it’s more important than ever to embrace our humanity at work.

Is it not evident the world needs more deeply human experiences?

When we welcome humanity into our organizational cultures, we cultivate an environment where people can do great things and find meaning in their work. And that is a solid foundation for personal and professional creativity, growth, and prosperity.

What Makes The Deeply Human Workplace Stand Out?

There are a few elements of the book that I think make it unique: The book is:

  • Approachable: Most business books are 200+ pages in length and probably could be written with half the words. This is a short, 2-3 hour read, so that on a flight from Denver to Atlanta, you could walk away with some key insights.
  • Practical: The Deeply Human Workplace has a number of tools and strategies that you can immediately apply in your next team meeting. The team exercises I provide are a great learning tool.
  • Fun: We hired an amazing artist and animator to capture themes and produce some great illustrations throughout the book.

How The Idea Was Sparked Through My Executive Coaching

Oftentimes I am asked how this book came together.

I began noticing some patterns in human behavior in my executive coaching. For most people, as you know, work is really more than just about compensation. People want to:

  • Connect with others
  • Find a safe environment to take interpersonal risk and try new things
  • Feel valued
  • Know they are being challenged and growing
  • Know that their work has meaning and impact

I started to test those patterns in the field with our clients. My team did some additional research, and then I created our Human Workplace Needs Model. And that’s how the book came together.

The Key Message From The Deeply Human Workplace

If there’s one key message that I want people to walk away with after reading The Deeply Human Workplace, it is that:

Our humanity is our competitive advantage.

If we can enable people to be more of who they actually are and bring their whole selves to work, all things become possible. Really.

Sure, there are some naysayers who might say this isn’t possible. I can tell you that it is.

The Deeply Human Workplace will assist you in developing a workplace full of people who trust, collaborate, and work together toward a common set of goals.

And that’s something you – and your employees – can be proud of together.

You can find The Deeply Human Workplace on

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