Deeply Human Workplace

The Future of Business Lies in the Deeply Human Workplace


It’s ice climbing season in Colorado, and I recently had a chance to get out with my climbing partner, John.

Ice climbing is one of those sports where you must trust your partner. Trust is a must when you’re climbing frozen water that can suddenly present dangerous challenges.

You need a deep sense of connection with a person to be confident enough to place your trust in them. When I’m ice climbing with John, the connection I have with him gives me the confidence to

enjoy the sport – and thrive in its challenges.

It’s the same in football. Eleven players need to trust each other to develop a connection to successfully move the ball.

Without that connection, that shared bond – reaching the end zone- becomes a difficult, if not impossible, goal. The needs of the team simply aren’t being met.

This shared bond, however, this connection, isn’t just a must-have in sports.

We need it in the workplace.

Cultivating a Deeply Human Workplace

A trusting, human bond must be present in our work environments as well.

Just as my ice climbing partner and I put our trust in each other, and just as the football team needs to place their confidence in each other to win, a workplace environment needs to have that common glue of humanity binding them together.

I’ve noticed in my work as an executive coach that there’s an undercurrent among most people at their place of employment: they have a common set of needs.

By understanding and tapping into those needs, we can create a healthier, more aligned, trusting and more productive human workplace.

In my forthcoming book, The Deeply Human Workplace: Tap into What People Need, Build Commitment on Your Teams, and Create a Workplace that Employees Love, launching in February 2022, we explore six key needs that all humans have in order to be successful and thrive at work.

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Connecting Builds Workplace Trust & Confidence

Connection in the workplaceConnection is at the base of our model.

Connection is about the sense of belonging and the sense of feeling loved.

That may sound too soft in many workplaces. It’s not.

As humans, we share the same basic needs, to be a part of something and to feel valued.

Just as in ice climbing, when people feel a deep sense of connection, they trust each other – and they are much more likely to take that next bold step.

In the workplace, that translates into having the conversations that matter most.

It translates into:

  • moving faster toward decisions without drama and politics
  • operating from a place of positive intent

Now that’s a place where I want to work. And I know you do, too. That’s what a deeply human workplace looks like.

Embrace Humanity, Prepare for the Future of Business

My forthcoming book is full of strategies and tips to create your own deeply human workplace. If you’re a leader who is ready to embrace a game-changing model that will revolutionize how your teams think about “work,” I know you’ll benefit from the read.

In today’s rapidly evolving, highly competitive business world, every leader needs to embrace new ways of thinking, as well as innovative strategies to build collaboration and foster meaningful connection.

If you’re tired of reading the same-old, same-old or have reached the breaking point where you know it’s time to press “Reset” at your organization, you’ll get a lot out of this book!

For a complimentary peek at the first chapter, click here.


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