The Future of Work – Are you ready?

This episode will help you think differently about how our society and our future of work is changing. As Sal Silvester interviews his special guest Heather McGowan, a Future of Work Strategist, you’ll gain insights into how we all need to evolve our thinking so that we create a society and a workplace that actually works for more people.

The bottom line is that we all have to think differently about the future if we want to remain competitive and create businesses that will thrive in our rapidly changing world. This interview will blow you away and provide a better understanding of some of the things that are happening in our society and workplace.

Download our Change the way you THINK tool here

In this episode, Heather McGowan dives deep into the value of psychological safety and cognitive diversity. Beyond the definitions, she teaches us that the impact of these on our teams is a game-changer. Download the “Change the Way you Think” tool to assess your teams psychological safety and cognitive diversity. Then, take it a step further and name the improvements you need to make to grow as leaders and teams.

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