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Future of Leadership Podcast - Tammy Krings

In this episode of Sal Silvester on the Future of Leadership, host Sal Silvester invites Tammy Krings (President and CEO of Conversations That Matter) to discuss leadership, including how to help leaders adapt their style to take upon novel situations and challenges in the workplace and elsewhere. Sal and Tammy also talk about about insecurity and how it influences corporate culture. Tammy shares her expertise on different leadership styles, the value of being heard and respected in the workplace, and plenty more for the leaders of today and tomorrow.

In this episode:
00:42 Sal introduces himself, 512 Solutions, and the purpose of the podcast
01:48 Sal introduces the guest of today’s episode – Tammy Krings (Conversations That Matter)
03:50 Tammy’s insight on emotional intelligence and self-awareness
06:44 Why is EQ and self-awareness more important today
09:28 The different styles of leadership characters and the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Sturdiness, and Conscientiousness) framework
17:14 Fear, insecurity and leadership
21:17 The insecurity of the Influence style
24:35 The insecurity for the Sturdiness style
26:23 The insecurity of the Conscientiousness style
28:26 Adaptation for leaders
34:03 The importance of being heard and respected in the workplace
36:46 Episode conclusion

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