Tip #1: The Team Charter

The Team Charter is a simple and easy-to-implement method for addressing all of the items above. In its simplest terms, the Team Charter is an informal contract that everyone on the team agrees to abide by as they work together on a daily basis. It may outline any number of areas related to the dynamics of the team such as how the team will make decisions, how it will deal with conflict, how members will treat and respect each other, how meetings will be run, etc.

The bottom line is that the Team Chapter can address any area of importance relevant to the team. The key is to get buy-in from each team member by asking for their input and ideas on what should be included. Once implemented, the Team Charter should be posted in a common area and/or distributed to the entire team, as it serves as a daily reminder of the team dynamics that will result in the highest level of performance for everyone.

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