Tip #12: The Value of Open Communication

There is abundant evidence to show the important connection between open, free communication in organizations and organizational success. When people are free to voice their opinions, contribute their ideas, and solve problems, they feel valued and fulfilled. They become committed to the organization, its goals, and its customers. Organizations with closed/low communications don’t ever reach their potential.

The greatest examples that prove the value of open communication lie within some of the products and services we use every day that were developed or thought of by employees. For instance, one of Starbuck’s most successful new products – the Frappacino – was developed by two Baristas at a local Starbucks shop. The amazing point of the story was not that two Baristas had the ability to develop a product that would generate a ton of revenue. The amazing point was that the management team at Starbucks had created a culture in which they listened to the great ideas of their people.

There are hundreds of stories like this, but only from companies that have learned the value of open communication.

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