Tip #3: Re-evaluate Yearly Goals

1. Which goals did I succeed in reaching? What contributed to my success?
2. Which goals did I not succeed in reaching? What kept me from reaching my full potential?
3. Are there goals that need to be re-valuated or adjusted for today’s situation?
4. What are three things I can do today to get back on track?
5. How can I best utilize my support structure to be successful?

It’s October and you still haven’t done your 2005 goals? It’s never too late. Check out 5.12 Solutions’ Goal Setting and Personal Action Planning: A Self Directed Guide. It’s a unique 7-step process that helps you create a vision of what you want in life, the goals and action plan to get you there, and the support structure to keep you on track. And, look for our two-hour, guided 2006 Goal Setting Workshops in January. We’ll offer an early morning, lunch and evening session so you’re sure to find a time that works best for you. Or contact us for details on how we can help initiate meaningful goal setting and action planning in your organization.

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