Tip #7: Transforming Performance Goals Into Reality

The importance of establishing performance goals cannot be understated. Typically worked on between an employee and their leader, performance goals create the fabric that aligns organizational priorities with employee action. However, establishing performance goals is only the first step in the process. To turn those performance goals into reality, each must be accompanied by an action plan. While the performance goals provide the destination, the action plan provides the road map to get there. Here’s a quick 4-step formula for creating a personal action plan for each of your performance goals.

Step 1: Brainstorm about all of the action items that you need to complete to accomplish each goal. You may feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but continue with this process.

Step 2: Package similar items to keep your plan as simple as possible.

Step 3: Sequence your action items and assign a target completion date. Make sure that you identify at least one action item that you will complete immediately so that you can start building momentum toward your performance goals.

Step 4: Build support and accountability into the process to keep you on track throughout the year. Your support structure may consist of actions that you take as an individual, daily rituals, or assistance from other people such as your manager, co-worker, mentor, or friend. One of the simplest ways to help keep you on track throughout the year is to find an accountability partner with whom you can share your goals and gain support.

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