Trends and Mindset Shifts

Future of Leadership Podcast

In this episode of Sal Silvester on the Future of Leadership, host Sal Silvester explores the reality of a changing world for leaders. Sal brings listeners through a number of workplace trends, explaining how past patterns of thinking among leaders will no longer suffice given these new trends. Sal details how leaders need to think differently in an unpredictable environment. He gives an honest critique on commonly accepted leadership qualities, and leaves listeners with a robust description of four specific mindset shifts leaders need to make in order to operate well.

In this episode:
01:23 – Sal describes the change in our world that impact us as leaders.
02:20 – Sal’s foundational question is, “Who will leaders have to be to succeed in the future?”
05:42 – Several noteworthy trends of change in the workplace.
11:07 – We as leaders are helped by David Snowden’s Cynefin framework.
18:52 – Sal describes three ways of thinking leaders need to adopt as the world changes.
19:51 – What do these three themes pragmatically mean for leadership?
24:44 – Timeless principles of leadership to embrace: lead by example, align team around core objectives, build cohesion and trust on teams, give feedback, and engage your people.
25:32 – Outdated principles that are better abandoned: perfectionistic tendencies and standards, having to be “right” and not seeing value in failing, and non-collective leadership development.
27:35 – Sal details mindset shifts that leaders must make in order to operate in this world.
28:05 – First areas Sal coaches leaders to be, beginning with: awareness
32:19 – Second necessary mindset shift: becoming outcome oriented
36:36 – Third necessary mindset shift: commitment oriented
39:17 – Two characteristics of commitment oriented leaders: driven and willing to be vulnerable
40:04 – Fourth necessary mindset shift: champion
43:08 – We receive a rapid-fire review and information about ways Sal can help us as leaders.

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