What is DiSC Training?

We utilize the DiSC profile by Inscape publishing in several of our team building and leadership development programs here in Denver, Colorado. DiSC provides people with a framework for understanding their own style and how they differ from others. This framework helps team members and leaders elevate their effectiveness regardless of their role.  Here are some applications in which we use DiSC.

Team building: 

People bring different perspectives and priorities into the workplace. Those differences are extremely valuable but don’t necessarily make it easy to solve problems and make decisions. Having a common language enables team members to reduce destructive conflict, engage in more productive dialogue, and understand how to adapt to each other based on individual needs.

Senior Leadership Teams: 

In our work with senior leadership teams we use DiSC to help development vulnerability-based trust. After all, on the most successful senior leadership teams, the majority of time should be spent making decisions that are most consequential for the organization. This can only happen when executives completely and absolutely trust each other. Otherwise a culture of suspicion, silos, and safe harbor arise. Additionally, we help executive teams look at the collective style of the team and assess where strengths and blind spots impact their decision making and problem solving dynamics.

Leadership Development: 

In our leadership training programs we often use multiple DiSC profiles. We typically start with a 360-degree feedback process using the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders. Often times we’ll use the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to help participants understand how their style impacts vision, alignment, and execution. And, we’ll utilize the Everything DiSC Management profile to help leaders learn how to adapt their style as they direct, delegate, and motivate their people.

Sales training: 

The Everything DiSC Sales profile is used in our DiSC sales training to help participants understand their customer’s buying style and then adjust how they sell. In effect, it teaches sales and service people how to better connect with their customers – enabling them to build stronger relationships and meet their customer needs more effectively and efficiently.

If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate DiSC into your training and development initiatives, send us an email or give us a call. We have a talented team of facilitators that can come onsite to your location. And, we also offer train-the-trainer options to train and certify your internal trainers.

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