What is your Team’s Stance?

In my work with Senior Leadership Teams, I’ve noticed that teams respond to their environment in a natural way. Sometimes their responses produce effective, long-term results. Other times, their responses are short-term and reactive.

Compare the following.

Problem-reacting Stance

This stance focuses it’s energy on solving the problem. The goal is to “get back to normal” and make things go away. The driving force behind the action is not actually the problem itself (although if your team fits into this stance, you probably think it is). In fact, the driving force is the anxiety and discomfort caused by the problem. The challenge with this stance is that the core beliefs underlying it are “I’m not responsible for what’s going on around me” or “I can’t create what I want.”

Outcome-creating Stance

The Outcome-creating Stance takes a different approach. The focus isn’t on the problem but on the desired result or vision. This seems subtle, but in fact is quite different. This stance is all about bringing things into being, as opposed to making things go away. The driving force behind the action is meaning, passion, and purpose, and the core beliefs that underlie this stance are “I am powerful,” “I can create the result I want,” and “I am responsible for what’s going on around me.”

What is your team’s stance?

What are the underlying beliefs that drive your actions?

What matters to you most?

What would you create if you believed you could create it?


Modified from The Leadership Circle

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