What it Takes to Be a Healthy Leader

Future of Leadership Podcast - Eric Roza

As society and the world changes, Sal Silvester wants to know what will that mean for future leaders. In today’s episode, Sal interviews Eric Roza, the former CEO of Datalogix, SVP/GM of Oracle Data Cloud, and founder of CrossFit Sanitas. Together, Sal and Eric discuss constructs that have become outdated. Eric shares how to create a working environment where your team says, “Why would I want to leave this place?” Eric shares a bit about himself and his passion to always keep learning and stay healthy – mentally and physically. As a leader, your job is to keep yourself healthy and, he points out, the goal is to inspire others by always sharpening your own game. How does Eric combine software, tech, and fitness in his own life? Learn on today’s episode!

In this episode:
3:12 – Welcome Eric Roza
3:44 – Eric shares some trends he is noticing- acceleration in the pace of change
4:05 – Constructs of the year and quarter
5:51 – What if we broke that open?
6:21 – We don’t know what the second six months look like.
7:45 – The concept of loyalty
9:00 – 90 days of acclimation
9:54 – Make it hard in a good way for people to leave.
12:20 – Our job is to build something beautiful of value.
13:45 – How do you create this culture?
14:06 – Authenticity- knowing who you are, not your persona
15:30 – The value of continuous learning
17:00 – Eric’s obsession with physical and mental health
17:57 – The bad stigma of taking a break for lunch
19:15 – Deal with your junk in a public way and keep yourself healthy.
21:21 – You’ve got to model it yourself.
21:47 – Vulnerability, modeling, & letting others know what you are working on
24:46 – Eric’s personal experiment
26:45 – Small, inexpensive experiments within your business
30:00 – The player-coach method
31:20 – Here’s what I’m learning, not here’s what I learned
33:00 – Advice for those putting health on the back-burner
36:55 – What could be your catalyst?
39:54 – Work-life integration
41:13 – Model to your kids this way of “cheating”
44:18 – Clean Challenge
49:55 – Don’t put yourself out of the game.

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