You Can Be in Control of DiSC

What is EPIC?

EPIC translates to Electronic Profile Information Center. Essentially you can think of EPIC as a virtual warehouse. EPIC enables you to assign access codes, so that employees can complete a profile online, and create reports that help you manage the administration process. All you need is internet access.

Additionally, you can create group profile reports to help better understand culture, team dynamics, and organizational strengths and limitations.

And, with the latest Everything DiSC Application Library – you can create unlimited Comparison Reports. These reports compare any two DiSC profiles, show where styles are similar and different, and then help people develop an action plan for being more effective together.

Best of all, because you are in control with EPIC, profiles and reports can be generated at any time. So, as people are hired, promoted, or moved across teams, you can create reports that are relevant and timely.

5.12 Solutions can help you get set-up with an EPIC account today. Call or email us for more information.

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