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Future of Leadership Podcast - Pat Risner

My guest today is a leader who knows how to create healthy and aligned executive teams and organizational cultures that truly believe that people matter.

His name is Pat Risner.

I first met Pat when he was President of BHP Billiton’s US coal business. That was over five years ago. To this day, I haven’t met a more integrity based, purpose driven leadership team than the team I saw Pat lead at BHP Billiton.

In this interview with Pat, you are going to hear about the key ingredients needed to create a healthy, aligned and more human work culture.

In this episode:
2:05 – More and more it will be incumbent and important for leaders to value humanity, where workers can be who they really are.
5:20 – what are you noticing in the workplace with trends, societal trends that may impact how we work?
5:48 – the impact of digital innovation and automation technology is changing the work environment.
6:59 – As we think about a workplace of the future, of what leadership looks like, the expectations of the next generation are quite different than before.
8:42 – Very clearly put your values in to action, or just how you treat people on a day to day basis.
12:21 – doesn’t matter what business you’re in, more diverse teams are better and get better results.
13:15 – the real key is inclusion. That should be the underlying culture.
14:33 – When actions from leaders are consistent, they can extract all they can from that diverse work force.
17:40 – It is not about skills, this is about mindset and beliefs. This is what drives the set of behaviors you want see in the workplace.
18:18 – “My first and fundamental accountability is that you go home to your loves ones safe and well.”
19:48 – if it is an inclusive workplace, people will speak up about safety
23:17 – the historical hierarchy was decisions go up the chain then come back down. This is far too slow in this day and age.
26:28 – think about what the future of work and work culture is going to be. Focus on adaptability.
27:02 – the AI they’re working with today in academics will be at the forefront in 4 to 5 years
29:28 – those who put aside differences to get the best results will succeed
30:15 – this is the least complex our environment will be for the rest of our careers. We can’t go it alone.
32:12 – in critical times, you have to find a way an prioritize to spend more time with your people. More face time, formal and informal. You have to listen.
33:01 – its important as a leader not to be aloof or disconnected, but there needs to be some a sense of calm.
33:37 – simplify to the greatest extent you can. Remove things that aren’t helping solve the problem, so workers can focus better on work and themselves.
34:11 – [Focus on] transparency, honesty and integrity to the fullest extent possible.

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