How to Use Business as a Platform for (Human) Growth

Future of Leadership Podcast - Eric Remer

Season 2 is all about organizational and cultural alignment so that you start the next decade with intention.

In this episode, Sal Silvester talks with Eric Remer – an incredibly successful entrepreneur who has started and sold three businesses over the past 20 years and whose current venture, EverCommerce, was valued at close to $2 billion in its most recent round of financing. Eric and Sal talk about how to create a platform that enables people to thrive and the direct correlation between business results and enabling people to be more of who they really are in the workplace.

In this episode:
01:35 – Sal’s 6 Cs: the 6 core human workplace needs.
06:17 – Important trends in society and the workplace.
10:49 – How Eric learned to operate a company less out of fear and more out of love.
12:04 – How hiring the right people plays into creating a healthy work environment.
15:16 – Maintaining a positive and supportive energy in a quickly-growing company.
16:43 – How Eric respects the cultures of his subsidiaries.
18:18 – Eric’s philosophy on selfishness vs. selflessness.
21:56 – Why accountability matters in running a successful business.
24:31 – Building a team of thriving individuals.
26:30 – Growing and evolving as an integral part of authentic leadership.
28:41 – Eric defines “intention leadership.”
33:54 – Utilizing your professional platform for personal growth.
35:40 – Eric’s healthy lifestyle tips for leaders.

6 Human Workplace Needs Culture Assessment:
The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide:
To learn more about EverCommerce, visit:

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