Leadership Development

Your leaders face numerous obstacles–fast growth, scaling the business, communication breakdowns, and industry competition. And it’s their job to guide your team, and the company, to success. That’s why 5.12 Solutions developed specific leadership development and management training programs to assess strengths, pinpoint weaknesses and give emerging and senior leaders the tools and skills they need for sustainable success. We customize executive coaching management, and business training programs for organizations in Boulder, Denver, throughout Colorado, and across the nation.

​Coaching Both Sides of the Equation

Sometimes your leaders need to work on aspects of leadership that lie beyond skills. That’s when 5.12 Solutions addresses Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI encompasses self-awareness—how others respond to your leaders and they respond to their teams. By improving your EI, you can identify your impact on others, and vice versa, and become an effective and powerful communicator.

Emerging Leaders

Groom new and emerging leaders to create a sustainable competitive edge.  Learn More.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Support established leaders to navigate organizational challenges and changes. Learn More

Management Training

Engage all leaders with relevant professional development curriculum. Learn More

Transform Managers into Coaches

Train and equip leaders to be great coaches to their employees. Learn More

Colorado Leadership Development Programs Serving Boulder, Denver & Beyond

5.12 Solutions is based out of sunny Boulder, Colorado. Our leadership development, management training, and executive coaching programs are meticulously crafted to help emerging leaders become more effective and productive. Colorado leadership teams can look forward to hands-on training with our executive coaches throughout the Denver metro area.

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