The Need for Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a process where a skilled and experienced coach works with an already successful leader to help the leader improve his/her effectiveness and drive better business results. In executive coaching, we guide leaders through a proven process to better understand themselves and others; adapt their style to become more multidimensional; improve their executive presence; and assist them to make a more positive difference in their work and in this world.

We understand the pressures that senior leaders and executives face today — from the increasing complexity of the workplace to the ever-growing rapid pace of change. Leaders often need an objective sounding board and guide to support them along the way.

Who needs executive coaching?

At 5.12 Solutions, we offer different executive and leadership coaching programs for different leaders, each with differing needs. All of our coaching programs are customizable depending on the organization’s goals and challenges.

Executive Coaching Program

This is our most comprehensive coaching program for both senior and executive leaders. Our executive coaching programs typically run from 6–12 months in duration and include a combination of assessments, coaching, leadership frameworks, observation, and more to help already successful leaders become even more successful.

New Leader Immersion/Assimilation

For senior and executive leaders who are new in their roles, the intent of this coaching program is to accelerate the on-boarding and integration of the leader onto their team and organization so that they can more quickly and positively impact people, processes and the business. Our new leader immersion process typically includes one-on-one coaching; an experiential new leader immersion process with the leader and his/her team; a variety of assessments to help leaders build awareness; and ongoing measurement to better support scale and growth.

Emerging Leader / Manager Coaching

The purpose of this coaching program is to integrate our executive coaching approach across an organization and help front-line and mid-level leaders succeed in their roles. Our Emerging Leader / Manager Coaching programs typically last 3–6 months and have a significant impact in helping leaders shift from being doers to leaders, while developing core leadership skills quickly.

Targeted Coaching

Our targeted coaching program is designed to help mid-level leaders solve specific and challenging issues that are impacting the business. We typically open a set number of targeted coaching slots per month on a retainer basis and offer 3–8 coaching sessions to a select group of leaders, depending on the organizational need.

How can executive coaching help you? What are the benefits?

Executive and leadership coaching can help in many ways. Here are just a few benefits that you, your team and the organization may experience:

Elevate Yourself

  • Build self-awareness and emotional intelligence — see what you may not be able to on your own right now
  • Remain composed when you have competing priorities with other leaders
  • Adapt your communication style to become more effective
  • Think differently to solve challenging business issues
  • Enhance your executive presence and how people perceive you
  • Develop resiliency to deal with an increasingly complex work environment

Elevate Others

  • Align your team and help others navigate change
  • Enable clarity to ensure team members know how they are performing
  • Improve team member morale, productivity and efficiency
  • Create better teamwork and cohesion
  • Improve trust and engage in more productive conflict
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration

Elevate the Organization

  • Craft and communicate a compelling vision
  • Align your organization around a shared vision and values
  • Better understand your stakeholder needs
  • Make a positive difference to the organizational culture
  • Champion execution to drive better business results
  • Bring humanity back into the workplace

How does executive coaching work?

Our executive programs vary in length, duration and components based on the type of program and whom we are coaching. In general, our programs flow through three phases.

Phase I: Start Smart

During this first phase of the executive coaching process, we collaboratively establish coaching goals with the leader and ensure those goals are aligned with the leader’s manager or executive sponsor. We’ll typically gather data on how the leader is perceived by her stakeholders through an online 360 process and confidential interviews. From there, we help the leader interpret their feedback, create an online action plan, and enlist stakeholders to be part of their development process.

Phase II: Make Change(s)

This is where the heavy lifting happens as the leader focuses in on 2–3 primary areas for their development. During this phase of the engagement, the coach may observe the leader in the workplace, introduce a variety of leadership frameworks to help the leader improve their effectiveness, and conduct regular coaching sessions to help create change. In this phase, we also begin a regular and ongoing measurement process using our Coachmetrix platform, gathering ongoing stakeholder feedback and feedforward so that the leader knows if others are perceiving whether she is changing or not.

Phase III: – Sustain Success

As we near the end of the engagement, the leader and coach assess all of the stakeholder feedback that’s been provided throughout the organization and collaboratively create a plan to sustain success beyond the end of the engagement. We usually conduct a final coaching calibration session with the leader and his or her manager or executive sponsor to ensure the right support is in place for ongoing success.

How do you measure the results of coaching (ROI)?

This is our speciality at 5.12 Solutions and an area that sets us apart from all other executive coaching and leadership coaching firms. We strongly believe that the coachee and the executive coaching sponsor should know and understand their return on investment (ROI). And that’s why we created our cloud-based, executive coaching platform called Coachmetrix. With Coachmetrix, you’ll have a centralized platform that consolidates all of your content, discussions, goals and leadership tools. You’ll be able to access all of your leadership tools and frameworks from any device; your coach will check-in with you online between coaching sessions. And, best of all, you’ll receive ongoing behavioral change data from stakeholders to help you understand if you are changing and your return on the coaching investment.

Where have we conducted our executive coaching programs?

We believe that coaching can be conducted in person or virtually, but we almost always choose an in-person experience because it leads to better business results and outcomes for the leader.

When we first launched our executive coaching programs, we started in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. We have now expanded across the nation and into many international locations.

How do you get started with executive coaching?

It’s easy to get started with executive coaching.

Step 1: Connect with us directly for a complimentary Coaching Insight Session. During this 45–60 minute conversation, we’ll explore your career and development goals and help you determine which of our coaching programs may be a good fit for you.

Step 2: Select your coach. We have a structured process to help you identify the right coach based on your goals and needs.

Step 3: Begin the program. We start with an in-depth intake session that immediately addresses a challenge you may be facing.

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