Leading with Deep Humanity Through Crisis

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How to Communicate During a Crisis

If you think it feels a little chaotic right now, you are not alone.

Part of what contributes to the noise and instability during significant periods of uncertainty is haphazard communication from leaders. A few tweets or off-handed comments, pictures of empty shelves showing up on feeds and the unnerving sense of an invisible airborne threat and suddenly we’re buying dozens of rolls of toilet paper and gallons of hand sanitizer.

Lead Virtual Teams with Deep Humanity

I know that many of you are feeling isolated right now. I feel it too. Many of us are trying to work productively from home, maybe with a spouse or partner who is also trying to do the same. And on top of that getting our kids through their homeschooling classes.

Ultimately, we all want to emerge from this crisis stronger and more united in our common goals. To do that, leaders at all levels have to recognize that what we are all going through a deeply human experience. And we can thrive and we can help our team members thrive if we truly recognize the humanity in all of this.

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How Managers Can Address Loss and Grief in the Workplace

It is normal to not feel normal during this time. Our grief may be a response to losing our familiar way of living and working. As we enter the third month of this crisis, the topic of mental health is arising more often in the workplace. The challenge for leaders is knowing how to respond effectively as a manager and coach without stepping into the bounds of being a counselor or therapist.


Using DiSC to Connect Virtually

We are into our third month of working virtually and different personality styles are responding very differently to our new way of working. Some team members are absolutely thriving, working independently, and with less distraction at home. Others are only surviving, missing out on the connection and community that comes with being in the office.

Download the Using DiSC to Connect Virtually toolkit below for quick tips on how to connect with different styles in a virtual environment. 

You can also listen to the episode with Sal Silvester and top DiSC expert Tammy Krings as they talk about the four primary personality styles in the workplace using the DiSC model and how to connect with each style in a virtual environment. During this episode you’ll walk away with insights on how to remain a caring and connected leader while adapting your style to what others need as you drive performance and productivity.

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