Goal Setting 2021

Whether you have 60 minutes or 6 months to invest, we want to help!

In the formula of the calendar year, it’s that time when we:

  • push for last-minute business to close out the year.
  • look back on the challenges and opportunities this year has presented.
  • take note of the lessons learned.
  • start thinking about the next year and how we can make it great!

As we do all of these things alongside you, we offer these reflections:

  • THANK YOU for your work – whether you are on the front lines of healthcare of the corner office of an energy supplier, we are grateful for the work you do to care for others, feed the economy, and put good into the world!
  • This year has taught us that resiliency and nimbleness are two powerful characteristics that are going to become cornerstones of good leadership for a long time to come.
  • As we get more and more calls for support around new work-from-anywhere challenges, we are looking at 2021 with a fresh set of eyes and are providing cutting edge programs, coaching, and training to support you in being the best employers, team members and leaders!

Here are three opportunities to enhance your organization’s success (with varying levels of commitment) that you should already be planning for and taking advantage of for 2021:

1. 90-Minutes: Join our Personal Goal Setting Masterclass on January 8th, 12:00 – 1:30 pm MST. In fact, invite your whole team to join. It’s FREE and is a great way to ignite ideas, momentum, and energy!

2. 1-day: Provide a team development workshop to align your team(s) for a new year. We’ll work with you to customize the content around your specific needs. Our work together will build trust, create clarity, and increase commitment! Setup a Call Today

3. 6-12 months: There is no better time than now to invest in yourself. Ongoing executive coaching with 5.12 is unique, and in order to be a leader for your teams and in your industry, you need something different. Knowing that 2021 needs to be a dynamic, productive year, we will start by pushing you to create clear, challenging, but attainable goals. Then, we do something amazing – we measure your progress throughout your coaching engagement. Through our own technology, Coachmetrix, we can actually show the return on your investment.

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