6 C's of Human Workplace Needs

The 6 C’s of Human Workplace Needs

Human Workplace NeedsThe 6 C’s of Human Workplace Needs model provides a roadmap toward creating a deeply human workplace. Such a workplace is one where everyone can ignite their potential. The model is a game-changer for organizational life and will fundamentally change the world of business when leaders embrace the idea of humanity in their organization’s culture.

Here’s an overview of my 5 most recent blogs that I’ve published, which reflect the 6 C’s of Human Workplace Needs outlined in my new book release coming out on February 28th:

The Deeply Human Workplace:
Tap Into What People Need, Build Commitment on Your Teams, and Create a Workplace People Love.

“Important guide to building a strong work environment
Books like this are what’s really driving the change in modern work culture. Shifting away from micro-management and focusing on what employees most need to feel connected and do their best work will help the performance of not only the members of the team, but the company as a whole!”
– Matt M, Amazon Review

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There Are Several Fears Related to the Connections That Drive Human Behavior in the Workplace


They show up differently for different people, depending on life experiences and personality.

Like all other fears, they play out as voices inside our heads. “Am I being taken/advantage of?”, “Does he/she like me?” “Am I good enough?”

When team members operate out of fear, ineffectiveness in conflict is the norm, defensiveness and blame are commonplace, and turf wars and turnover are inevitable.

But when we build connections in the workplace, people live less from fear and more from a place of expansiveness. 

To read more about Connections in the Workplace, read my blog here: The Future of Business Lies in the Deeply Human Workplace

Certainty in the Workplace


Certainty, the second component of our Workplace Needs model, helps accelerate all of the other core human needs — connection with people, valued contributions, and clarity on the what and the how.

Creating certainty is more important than ever, as teams find themselves in fully remote or hybrid work environments. When teams have a strong sense of psychological safety, regardless of whether team members are in person or virtual, they’re able to productively engage.

For more about Certainty in the workplace, read here: Leaders, The Workplace of the Future Demands Certainty

Valued Contributions Are the Third Level of Our Human Workplace Needs model


When this human need is met, it enhances the connection and certainty that people feel at work. 

Of all the six workplace needs, this is the one that cuts most deeply to our sense of self-worth, and most stories of management-gone-wrong usually connect back to this core human workplace need. 

To learn more about the value of Contributions in the Workplace, click here: Contributions Matter: Powerful Results Happen When Leaders Value Employees

Clarity of the How Refers to Behavioral Norms and Expectations and is More Elusive for Most Organizations


The how is often unspoken, leaving employees to guess at cultural expectations. 

With clarity of the how, people can understand the cultural guideposts that drive critical decisions around hiring, developing, and transitioning employees. Norms on how people conduct meetings and engage in productive conflict are clear. 

When a leadership team has clarity on their singular purpose, what they do and how they go about doing it, everything changes, from who is on the team to what gets on the team’s agenda to behavioral expectations around accountability. 

Clarity reduces guessing.

For more about Clarity in the Workplace, read here: How Clarity Can Cultivate a More Deeply Human Workplace

Challenge and Growth in the Workplace


When organizations meet the first four Core needs – Connection, Certainty, Contributions, and Clarity – they can focus on the last two needs – the needs of Fulfillment… Challenge & Growth and Community Impact.

When teams create an environment that nurtures the need for challenge, people feel like they are making progress and start to feel a more profound sense of fulfillment at work.

To read more about Challenge & Growth, click here: Two Questions Every Leader Should Ask (& Answer)

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“Great Book – Workplaces Need To Hear This Message!
The six C’s model makes so much sense. Workplaces really do need to be more human!
This post-pandemic message of humanity at work is more relevant than ever. I appreciate that you took out the fluff and wrote a book with a clear message, easy to digest model, and compelling stories that make it come to life.”
– Dion, Amazon Review


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